WM110 Wireless Audio System available

12.09.2019 09:08:15 | fammann@gotham.ch

2.4 GHz wireless Audio System

Now available
Ultracompact wireless audio transmission system for microphones and instruments in lincence-free 2.4 GHz digital ISM Band. Noise-free, worry-free transmission on 20 selectable channels. The transmitter (white) is featuring a built-in microphone and a 3.5mm connector for your audio source from a smartphone, MP3 player, PC/ laptop or your instrument source (level adjustable). The receiver has a 3.5mm Jack connector to bring oyur audio signal (line out) to your PA system, speaker and mixing console. Built-in batteries (chargeable with any type-C USB charger 5vDC) for a running time for up to 5 hours)
Attractive conditions for resellers are available. Request the conditions for pronet, reseller and distributor by email.(Contact)
Wireless Audio System 2.4 GHz
Retail Price

WM110 system is including:
WM110T (Transmitter) with built-in Microphone (white)
WM110R (Receiver) with 3.5mm Jack Audio Line Out (black unit)
20 Channels selectable. 80-100m reach.
Built-in rechargeable battery for 5 hours useage (5vDC)
Zip case with acessories. (charge-cable, Audio cable 3.5mm. Adapter 3.5mm-6.3mm

Additional Microphones for transmitter optional see link

  WM110 Wireless Audio System Datasheet
CHF 749.50

External Microphones to WM110 optional available