Microdot Adapters


Our modular headsetmicrophones can be ordered with the detachable cable to Microdot (GMC160F00) and with this cable you can use a wide range of adapters to accommodate your wireless system.

Here are the available adapters Microdot to XLR or wireless system.

Picture Type Description Retail Price
GMA3050 Adapter, Mini-Jack TOA WM360/4310 (for low DC microphones), SFr.  96.95
GMA3052 Adapter, TA3F, AKG PT 40 (for low DC microphones)  SFr.  96.95
GMA3056 Adapter, TA5F Mini-XLR to Lectrosonic LM/SM/UM SFr.  96.95
GMA3058 Adapter, Sony DTW-B01 SFr.  96.95
GMA6001 Adapter, 3-pin XLR-M, P 48 SFr. 111.00
DAD6001BC DPA Adapter, 3-pin XLR-M, P 48 with Belt Clip SFr. 111.00
GMA6003 Adapter, 3-Pin Lemo Sennheiser SK 50/ SK 250 / SK 3063 / SK 5012 / SK 2000 SFr. 113.35
GMA6008 Adapter, Sony WRT 820/ WRT 860 / WRT 8 SFr. 111.00
GMA6009 Adapter, 6-Pin Hirose Samson CT-2/ TX-3/ UT4/ UT5/ UT6 SFr. 111.00
GMA6010 Adapter, TA4F Shure U1, UR1, UT1, SC1, SLX1, ULX1, TOA WM4300 SFr.  96.95
GMA6012 Adapter, TA5F Lectrosonic M185 SFr.  96.95
GMA6015 Adapter, TA4F Vega T-37 SFr.  96.95
GMA6017 Adapter TA3F Mini-QG to AKG 400/450                                         SFr.  96.95
GMA6018 Adapter, Pestega TMA 16 / TMU20 (3 Wire preset) SFr. 111.00
GMA6020 Adapter, TA4F Telex UHF-UB12 SFr.  96.95
GMA6023 Adapter, Mipro 4 pin SFr. 111.00
GMA6024 Adapter, MicroDot für XLR mit mid range attenuation 3d SFr. 146.00
GMA6025 Adapter, 6-Pin Lemo Micron TX 700 SFr.  96.95
GMA6030 Adapter, TA4F Electro-Voice CSB-1000 (RE1, RE2), Telex SFr.  96.95
GMA6032 Adapter TA4F Mini-QG to Mipro ACT-707T SFr.  96.95
GMA6033 Adapter, Audio-Technica AEW-T1000D SFr. 111.00
GMA6034 Adapter, Mini-Jack Sennheiser Evolution G2 SFr.  96.95

Ex works Dietikon in CHF (Swiss Francs), Indicated Prices are per piece, including Swis VAT  7,7 %. Subject to changes w/o prior notice. .
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Following options are available:

-2 Microphon pattern: Directional (88 Cardioid) or Omni (66 Round)
-Directional (Cardioid) with Gotham capsule (88) GMHC88xxx
-Omnidirectional with Gotham capsule (66) GMHO66xxx

-2 colours available  (Beige/Skin/Flesh "F", black "B") GMHxxxFxxxx, GMHxxxBxxxx

-4 diffrent cables accommodations (Microdot for adapter  P48, 4pin miniXLR, 3.5mm Jack, and 3pin Lemo)
GMHxxxx03 (Lemo3)
GMHxxxx10 (TA4F miniXLR 4pin Female)
GMHxxxx34 (3.50 mm Jack)
GMHxxxx00 (Microdot Cable for Adapter)

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