Cardioid Black

Professional Cardioid Headset Microphones especially made for Gotham Audio

We have made good value for a reasonable price w/o any compromise on the sound quality and performance. We kindly invite you to test and hear our microphones and we are very keen to hear your comments. We are working hard to expand our product range but at first we have started to offer top quality headset microphones. Available now

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Picture Type/Ordercode Description Datasheet Price CHF

(Mini-XLR TA4F)

Cardioid Headset Microphone
Download PDF SFr. 242.35

(Lemo 3pin)

Cardioid Headset Microphone
Download PDF SFr. 410.20
(3.5mm Jack)

Cardioid Headset Microphone Download PDF SFr. 242.35

GMHC88B00 (Microdot)

Cardioid Headset Microphone

Download PDF SFr. 242.35

for adapters

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Datasheet GMHC88Xxx Cardiod Microphone

Following options are available:

-2 Microphon pattern: Directional (88 Cardioid) or Omni (66 Round)
-Directional (Cardioid) with Gotham capsule (88) GMHC88xxx
-Omnidirectional with Gotham capsule (66) GMHO66xxx

-2 colours available  (Beige/Skin/Flesh "F", black "B") GMHxxxFxxxx, GMHxxxBxxxx

-4 diffrent cables accommodations (Microdot for adapter  P48, 4pin miniXLR, 3.5mm Jack, and 3pin Lemo)
GMHxxxx03 (Lemo3)
GMHxxxx10 (TA4F miniXLR 4pin Female)
GMHxxxx34 (3.50 mm Jack)
GMHxxxx00 (Microdot Cable for Adapter)

Ex works Dietikon in CHF (Swiss Francs), Indicated Prices are per piece, including Swis VAT  7,7 %. Subject to changes w/o prior notice. .
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